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hey English native speakers, can you give me judgments about the following phrases?

a. his hope
b. his continuous hope
c. his hope about which students will pass the exam
d. his continuous hope about which students will pass the exam

In particular, do you find any contrast between c and d? and if so, is it more robust than whatever contrast you find between a and b?

Hey native speakers of English, do you find any contrast in acceptability between the following two sentences?

a. The meteorologist is certain whether it rains.
b. The meteorologist is required to be certain whether it rains.

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Wow, Tokyo makes me extremely melancholic. Good thing I don't live here. And I know as a matter of fact that it's about Tokyo and not about Japan. Now off to a boring city in a boring country!

@bylin At a recent semantics research group meeting in Tokyo, @Crime and other English native speakers reported that "Which student left" indeed presupposes that some student left, but "Which students left" is compatible with no student leaving. This would make sense if plural which-phrases include the "zero" extension while singular ones only range over singular extensions. Is this something that's been discussed in the literature?

Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than the conservative Japanese females-pour-alcohol-to-males ritual that I have to endure in my in-law's house.

Hmm, my teaching replacement for next semester hasn't been found yet, except for the semantics course, which @bylin is going to teach. πŸ˜‚ πŸ€”

Another day, another head-initial noun-noun compound in English translated from Dutch. spooky.pizza/media/Amw2G2mekXd spooky.pizza/media/a9IGrUkGJOt

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Alright team: here's the LENLS info for this year:


Note venue, different from the past few years, happily, but still Tokyo. The official CFP will be appearing in the usual channels shortly, but the easychair is functional already.

Did it work? I am not sure...πŸ˜‚

Hello, people on spooky.pizza. I came here through introduction by @Crime. I do research on semantics and Japanese linguistics. I guess I still need some time to get used to Mastodon but excited to be here!