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Uh-oh - am I making a mistake flying on May 1?

Facebook helped advertisers target teens who feel “worthless”

“Facebook's algorithms can determine, and allow advertisers to pinpoint, ‘moments when young people need a confidence boost.’”

Can estimate when teens feel “worthless,” “insecure,” “defeated,” “anxious,” “silly,” “useless,” “stupid,” “overwhelmed,” “stressed,” and “a failure.”



I'm considering setting aside the compute resources to host some small salon-sized (say 16 user) instances to see how well they develop.

I would be willing to set up and host ~10 of these as an experiment, and would commit to both operating them for at least a year and to making them as easy to move as possible should a particular salon decide they'd prefer to self-host.

I would like to offer either postActiv or Mastodon servers for this at the salon's choice.

Would there be interest?

The rain
in Spain
falls mainly
after we get off the aeroplane

I'm still trying to figure out a good home for my hoard of German books. There aren't enough German prisoners in Texas for those to be in demand!

Just unloaded most of the Spanish-language lit I've been carting around for 30 years. I donated it to Inside Books, which gives books to prison inmates. Hopefully they'll reach some people with more time for the Quixote than I've ever had.

"Niemand gibt uns eine Chance, doch können wir siegen, für immer und immer": 'Heroes' makes it so much easier to make it through the supermarket.

Technical explanation of why Privacy Advisory is a BAD IDEA and you probably SHOULDNT DO IT basically comes down to: "Creating an expectation of privacy where there is none, is a bad, bad idea."

Building your programming ability? Open "secret" about tech industry: programmers only productive about 3-4 hours/day & fake the rest. No need to sit 8 hours.

So don't burn yourself out! Maybe lie down & visualize, before coding tiny pieces. Understand a single thing in many ways; creates strong bricks as foundation of your knowledge. With stronger bricks, the faster you will be.

Maybe first write down a few different ways of doing something; list advantages & disadvantages of each. "Analyze tradeoffs."

Code's often a poor representation of thought, a thin brittle artifact that executes.

@vfrmedia @dredmorbius @NinahMarie I remember reading a blog post about contrast ratios and the problems associated with them. It might have been this one, by @kevinmarks:

"How the Web Became Unreadable"

Mastodon #bot honeypot:
1. Create a new account that explicitly says not to follow it in the bio.
2. Watch as several marketing bots immediately follow it.
3. Block them all.

A/B testing, or as it is more commonly known, "non-consensually gaslighting your users about weird antifeatures"

Ugh. I've started using the Associated Press Stylebook at work to guide my editing choices on our websites. Today I ran into this sad provincialism:

"Accent marks: Do not use any diacritical or accent marks because they cause garble for some users."

{:~ Worried mastodon
[°]~ Cyborg mastodon
m~ Facepalming mastodon
:~* Mastodon kiss


Hello everyone! Today I am going to do a test run to see how many Mastodon instances I can run in a small VPS just to try and get a better understanding on how much resources does a small Mastodon instance really needs to run and how can I make hosting a Mastodon instance cheaper to host.
If anyone wants to help out with the configuration of a multi-instance server or wants to see me breaking a server :P just let me know and I can live stream the thing.

Qualms about :

- 90% of what I use Birdsite for is to surf writers, news, politics & such that I don't see on Mastodon yet. Ditching the bird would create a real hole in my information diet.

- 50% of what I use Facesite for is to keep up with real-world friends who aren't on Mastodon. Hello social isolation!

- For surfing lulz, I *hate* the cognitive load & load time of CWs! I just want to scroll. Give me a bulk "show it all" mode, please.