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SO it looks like I'll be in Goettingen for Generative Grammatik des Suedens in June. I've never been, but I have a wide-ranging experience of quaint German university towns and it looks to be the quaintest of the quaint! Any tips?

A reminder to UK voters that this website exists; voting tactically is the *only* way to beat the tories

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@ENG_Jole @bkeej look at *this* now!!

Wow!!!!! This has everything!

As this comes into my hands, I feel the utility of birdsite.

I spent some of today reading Rebecca Tuvel's article "In defense of transracialism". Can anyone point me towards a good response piece? I've read the open letter, but it doesn't seem particularly to engage with Tuvel's piece directly.

Anyone here have a recommendation for spending an audible credit? I typically prefer reading to listening, so if there's something about the audio version that recommends it especially that would be cool

Cycling and spargel make for a dreamy Saturday afternoon

In case anyone was wondering, here is how to email me in a way that most sets of the anx

deep in phonology (i know...) grading from last term and my apathy knows no bounds

I need to unsub from London-based mailing lists as frequently I will get told about things that I can't attend that are *ridiculously* relevant to my interests, such as this (and I suspect to those of many of us here):

Today I'll be finding out whether or not i've irrevocably damaged my higher cognitive functions over the long weekend

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Thinking back to reading There Are More Beautiful Things than Beyonce at Szklarska---on the top of a mountain in Poland surrounded by ice and sun---I just remember how little the two realities intersected. One of them felt so unreal, but now I can't remember which it was.

This weekend I am submersing myself in capital A Art during Berlin Gallery Weekend

@rh @aswhite I owe you both an email, but basically the gist of it will be that you're both much smarter than me 🙌

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‪also in my religion ‬

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Come for the pineapple revolution
Stay for the promise of ambiently learning five languages at once
Become ever so slightly more of a furry in the process

So, um, Cormac McCarthy is apparently working on language evolution now???

"Language appears to have originated in southwestern Africa and it may even be that the clicks in the Khoisan languages—to include Sandawe and Hadza—are an atavistic remnant of addressing this need for a greater variety of sounds"


Yesterday I discovered Masterchef: The Professionals. Literally the zenith/nadir of mindless yet mildly pleasant TV for a lazy Sunday.

also Monica Galetti <3 <3 <3

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there are men on the fediverse terrified by the very presence of and that's the most fucking on-brand thing