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SO it looks like I'll be in Goettingen for Generative Grammatik des Suedens in June. I've never been, but I have a wide-ranging experience of quaint German university towns and it looks to be the quaintest of the quaint! Any tips?

@patrl nice boring little place, absolutely nothing to do there! cute

@bylin @patrl you should eat a lot of food before you go there or you may starve before you leave. I can't recommend the kebab there but you may have to resort to it

patrl @patrl

@Crime @bylin oh god, this isn't sounding promising...especially since I was thinking of turning this into a trip with a non-linguist

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@patrl @bylin it is not promising. HOWEVER!!!!!! Excellent bouldering closeish to town...

@Crime @bylin OH ok this is a good tip thank u 💖

@patrl @bylin I went with Nicholas, it was great. You might need a car though