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*sigh* today's Depression Mood is wanting to be creative and productive but having no motivation.
specifically finally making a decision re: my conlang but not opening up my doc to fill it in, and not making any effort at all to make any more advancements with it despite really wanting to get into it again. i want to finish a personal project for once in my life, gdi!

friend: I can't believe I have to eat this pudding with a tablespoon [bc we don't have teaspoons at work]
me: ?????? do you usually eat pudding worth a fork?????

one of my favorite linguistic quirks is when one language is more specific about something than another. Eg. in Hebrew tablespoon and teaspoon are two distinct words while in English usually we just say "spoon," causing misunderstandings

I love going on linguistic logic adventures like trying to figure out the spirantization of /g/

Ugh the hard part of basing my on an existing natlang is having to choose whether to keep a feature or change it or scrap it. I want my language to be versatile and interesting but I need to keep it simple for the sake of my sanity...

Hey y'all! I've already got an account over at @malkosh but I was looking for an instance with more and related content, and maybe some people to give me advice for my !
I'm a total amateur, never formally studied linguistics but I do love it a lot. Other things that interest me relating to this include , , and .
Anyhow, nice to meet you all!