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also in ~things spooky slices might like~ i am reading kitchen by banana yoshimoto

ugh my sleep is so bad rn, why???

omg pals who is lingwintstics i'm dying over here

spooks i have now first drafted my whole main analysis!!!!! ✨ still many many many things to do but i am going to briefly celebrate with some marking ✅

when i started looking at negation i had to look up whether or not there actually was a king of france

update: nope i'm just regular old allergic to the outdoors and that makes me very tired!

in an interesting fit of the 'play hard' bit of 'work hard play hard' i went to bed at 7am on saturday morning and i think i am still tired

i have made the angriest edm playlist to push me thru the next six months. no less than 125bpm allowed!!

does no one use covington anymore? am i outdated

yay: i am having a party tonight and i love2host 🍹 nay: just shut my finger in a door 😤

i am not into country in the slightest but i am rly feeling v affected by that first album of tracks they put out. can't stop imagining this guy in burra with his tape recorder producing this quality of blues somehow!!!!!

i have heard plenty about thomas fraser in my life as a country singer fae burra and i have been like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ok cool, whatever, y is shet so obsessed w/ country music. but i just had a listen and was like o wow?? so i looked him up and this is truly a longread but it's kind of amazing

i haven't had a serious eye twitch for like four years and now it's been baaaack for like a week 🙃 🙃 🙃 maybe i gotta sleep more

am learning so much about the history of immigration/racism in the uk from reading `why i am no longer talking to white people about race', v v highly recommended it

FUMING that i won't be applying to nels this year and so a) won't be able to say CorNELS at every given opportunity and b) won't be able to go to MOOSEWOOD, starring restaurant of the classic examples about biased questions!!! `isn't there a vegetarian restaurant around here? moosewood, or something?'

doing a ~shut up and write~ type thing with a pal today and i have written as much already today (in just over 1 hour) as i did all of yesterday, or all of monday ahaha whoops accountability is good

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