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who runs the 'semantics minus context' twitter? it should've been me! so i already like the person who's doing it

am actually going to teach a bit today about gender and pronouns. it's this point in the textbook but clearly it needs more discussion than given there

the effect of this semester's teaching is that by the end of it i'm not scared of teaching finally, totally worth the trouble

gave a good talk for a change! paris is nice i am nice things are nice fluffy socks are nice menthol cigarettes are bearable

if i manage to get through this and half of next week with all the work done, i promise i'll get myself a huge box of NEW WORK TO DO

i'm about to start reading "the white book"! i'm always a bit behind

can't get over the fact that i just sent a message to a speaker of buriat who lives in a tiny village 7 hours drive from baikal lake --- and got a grammaticality judgment 30 seconds after

oh i actually read bluets and well didn't like them! to be continued later when the anxiety levels in my brain go down

jeez it looks like lenls was a blast! next time i'll definitely be there

kind of fucked up my talk today, good that this is not my only topic though

going to berlin on monday to give a talk but practically lost my voice bc of laryngitis. that'll be fun!

decided to listen to nine inch nails because i suddenly remembered feeling good while listening to them but well i guess it wasn't due to the music

ok for the first time i'm reviewing a paper that i don't really have complaints about. i really like it! should i just say khmhm ACCEPT? will the skies fall on the ground?

reivew-day today again! i am just supposed to finish reading one short paper and write down what i thought about it before it's 3pm. time to go for a walk, get a coffee, do laundry, read a couple of articles unrelated to anything i'm interested in, play some violin, watch some videos and then complain

so so so so semantics people! who is coming to amsterdam colloquium and will hang out with me, your gloomy imaginary friend??

няняннянянян my brain is empty darkness

helloooooo i'm here again why why why? i should be sleeping

@patrl which languages do you discuss in the who.pl work? i will soon do fieldwork in buryat (mongolic), it has sg and pl options for who, according to the grammar. in general it's a kind of language that has optional pl marking on nouns and obligatory sg with numerals, i wonder if you discuss this type of language and whether i should check for you what it does with who.pl!