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We're hiring for two open rank TT positions here at Rochester Linguistics! rochester.edu/faculty-recruiti

The summer of chillwave was 8 years ago. Com Truise is still putting out singles.

Why is it that "{think, know} to" are one-way implicative, but "{remember, forget} to" are two-way implicative? It makes no sense!

Yeeees. Seeing both Besnard Lakes and Preoccupations this weekend.

Remember when 30 participants constituted an entire experiment, not a tiny pilot?

Hierarchical clustering of frequent prepositions on Levy & Goldberg's dependency-based embeddings (levyomer.wordpress.com/2014/04).

There are seriously turkers who think that "believe" (but not "think") is factive.

[Edited] Has anyone tried Haskell's haskore library (hackage.haskell.org/package/ha) for controlling hardware synths? A "yes" answer may have gotten more likely since @icoson joined poltergeist pie.

Pretty stoked about this: I'll be joining the University of Rochester next fall as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics and the Goergen Institute for Data Science, with secondary appointments in the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

Trying to predict whether a verb is a perception verb using MegaAttitude. As you might expect, small-clause-taking is super important for doing this prediction, but [ _ NP S[+WH] ] and [ _ PP S[+WH] ] are also somewhat important, which initially seems surprising. As far as I can tell, this has to do with people getting quotative interpretations for, e.g., "someone told someone 'do something'"---cf. "someone saw someone do something". Now wondering how a learner would distinguish those two.

Dowty (1985, p. 293) says that (to his knowledge) the property analysis of control was first proposed in Montague (1974, ch. 8). It seems like there must be something earlier, though. (Maybe he just means in Montague Grammar?) Does anyone know?

Finally got my copy of Teleplasmiste's "Frequency is the New Ecstasy"! Really solid album. teleplasmiste.bandcamp.com/

They've finally done it: ipython 6.0 drops python 2 support (but gains jedi integration!) blog.jupyter.org/2017/04/19/re