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Girl, are you a currying? Because you are the technique of transforming a function that takes multiple arguments into a function that takes a single argument (the first of the arguments to the original function) and returns a new function that takes the remainder of the arguments and returns the result!

My elbow is all thrashed, I can’t straighten it or pick up anything. What did I do? Too bad I have to go to Europe in 5 days!

Travel and heat and life have left me exhausted but fortunately I have nothing to do but grading and writing and life until I start traveling again in 6 days

Summertime seems a good time for spirits but the spooky is very quiet in this season

After a few days of respite due to typhoon, it is now profoundly hot again. Please gods let me and the world become completely nocturnal


Back in the faculty meeting 💀⚰️💀⚰️💀⚰️💀

The uni is making me business cards in my real name ❤️


My thing yesterday with uni president went well enough. I think I can safely do what I want at a pace I want. But now the locus of attention changes to (i) figuring out a decent presentation and most of all (ii) getting back off these fucking cigarettes

Words from the deepest depths of my heart ❤

Students please complete your tests more rapidly so I can go eat food and drink beer

Tomorrow meeting the uni president to talk transition among other things. I just want to finally change all my info on the fucking univeristy webiste aarrrrghhhhhh

I am experiencing profound emotional and professional trauma as I sit here in the gotdamn faculty meeting

oh there it appears, odd

has it disappeared for everyone or just me?

where is the local timeline