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The slow cooling of the once hot pizza

If I write the introduction, I will have a complete draft!


1 chapter to gooooooo

That’s what I’m talking about

Please God(dess)(es) give me the strength to finish this stupid analysis before I lose my entire coherence and motivation

I wrote 7 pages today and now experiencing spiritual emptiness

OMG everything is so fucking complicated!!!! AARGH @ Linguistics

My Research Diary, continued: I didn't get nearly as much done over GW as I'd hoped, because, shockingly, other things were happening during GW; but working on this document again now I am surprised how *little* there is left to do. After I get thru this part about inferring gender specifications I believe I will, suddenly, be nearly done :)

Feeling Academically Privileged

Enjoyed Melissa Broder's article: book recommendations by sun sign, knowing that the whole thing is crap (as she said). But her novel is coming out very soon: The Pisces!!!!

Elegy for 🎵🎶🎵

Forget “serious” reading, back to the comic book for me

Alright then if they got me out of bed and down here I'm going to be a good citizen and try to get this writing done today

I don't even know how to split content between all these social media anymore

Thank you my university for choosing to host classes on this national holiday: dragging myself out of bed to dark rooms was my precise plan on this sunny day while everyone else is peacefully asleep

Sick exhausted flat on my back in the office

I’ve got a cold and it’s very hard to write/think/enjoy