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Robbie A 🍕 @Alamantus

I'm gonna try to make a super simple conlang like toki pona but the entire phonology is just the consonants that are easiest for early childhood speech development to use, a collection of mid-mouth vowels, and as many single-syllable words as possible, designed to use the smallest amount of energy to speak words.

p, b, m, n, w, t, d, h, ʔ (unwritten, only for preceding vowels without consonants)
ə <a>, ɪ <i>, ʊ <u>, ɛ <e>

Would it be meant for young children to speak fluently relatively quickly? If so, (and maybe you haven't planned this far ahead), how would the grammar account for that?

@malkosh That's the main idea on the surface, but it's also to preserve as much air and energy as possible, which would be helpful in a lot of situations. Grammar will be the hardest part to work out, but I think using simple pre/suffixes to mark words and simple association via adjacent words would help simplify the grammar to a point that might be comfortable. It'll also be a very immediate-context-heavy language, not completely fit for heady or time-oriented conversations.

@malkosh I was imagining a lot of loan words being imported into the culture that used the language to supplement and expand the base language so that the speakers would be able to have those conversations though.

Not gonna lie I absolutely love this idea. It's really creative. Would l9ve to hear about your progress :)

@malkosh Thanks! Well as I do keep working on it, I'll be posting about it here. Probably infrequently, but still occasionally, because I like the idea, too. :D