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Robbie A 🍕 @Alamantus

Here's a super specific question:

Does anyone have any familiarity with WCOnline, the writing center software service, and if so, do you know of any open source alternatives? Or any viable alternatives at all?

It's good software, but it’s closed source and the service isn't great for online universities.

If there aren't any open source alternatives, would anyone be interested in building one with me?

@Alamantus I don’t have experience with WCOnline. It would be useful to know what problem you are solving. What do you need this software for?

@mamk my wife is writing center director for an online university, and it turns out WCOnline has hidden fees for online universities not written anywhere. They're not replying to emails or giving any customer service anymore, and I want to help her by finding (or making) an alternative so she doesn't have to deal with that. WCOnline just seems to have a monopoly on this kind of scheduling+management+tutoring+reporting software, and I believe there ought to be a FOSS alternative.