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Robbie A 🍕 @Alamantus

Im playing around with a that uses tones, but I’m struggling to find a reason to keep peaking (/˧˦˧/) and dipping (/˦˧˦/) tones beyond simply having more syllable options. Would it be “bad” to only have rising, high, falling, and low tones?

Alternately, would it be bad to use peaking and dipping tones _only_ for expressing intent/meaning (ie sarcasm, surprise, etc) instead of for distinguishing words/syllables? I know Mandarin doesn’t use it like that, but would it be ok??

@Alamantus I completely see no reason why tones cannot be used that way. After all what are we doing when raise pitch to indicate a question?

I have toyed with the idea of a #conlang that uses pitch or tone semantically to inflect verb tense but I'm not confident at #conlanging for that yet.

@Alamantus Seems like any sound that a person can make is fair game for applying meaning.


You can have multiple tone systems playing different roles in your language. Even English, our canonically toneless language, distinguishes between word-level and sentence-level intonation. Neurotypical children would acquire all of them without trouble.

@Alamantus Not all tonal languages are the same so I don’t see why you can’t play around with it